El Tatio Geysers

El Tatio Geyser Field  • 
Just 10km from the Bolivian border and an altitude of 4320m makes it the highest and 3rd largest geyser field in the world with 80 some Geyser holes. El Tatio Geysers We walked and strolled thru the fields in the afternoon and went for a relaxing dip in the thermal pool. We decided to camp overnight...


Iquique  • 
Drive to Iquique. So interesting while we used to plan for a 50 - 70 km day we now looked at a500 km day because we had a truck. The drive was v. Interesting and the best way for me to describe it would be... Think Mad Max movie. Dust, huge trucks, industrial machines and dust and trucks. And more d...


Antofagasta  • 
We arrived safely and rented a truck. So nice to load everything in a vehicle and drive. After driving down a few one way streets the wrong way we found our hotel and jimmied the truck into the miniscule parking space in the secure underground parking area.

Balmaceda Airport

Balmaceda  • 
That is the departure list. The airport opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. There were 2 gates and one waiting area.

Agrocamping to Coyhaique

Coyhaique  • 
It was a great ride over some bumpy and wash boards roads. This was a long, steep and loose gravel road. Brutal. We hit a few rain drops along the way and then there was some MAJOR construction. Traffic was down to one narrow lane. So when we were in the line of traffic and got the signal to go a he...

Mañihuales to Don Noe Agrocamping

Agro camping de Donn Noe  • 
We continue down the Carreterra Austral to a 5 site "camp ground". Which by the looks of things doubles as a sheep pasture. There was a small sign and we were now getting used to opening a gate and asking if this was in fact a camp ground. Yes it was and the owner let us put our tent next to the bui...

Hidden gravel road in the forest to Mañiguales

Villa Mañihuales  • 
We started out the day in the rain and stopped around 12 noon to change out of wet clothes and spread the tent out to dry - in the sun- which took maybe a half hour! There were many spectacular sites and turned a corner to see glacier staring us in the face! Some spectacular vistas and finally decen...

Un Campground to Hidden gravel road in the forest

Hidden gravel road in the forest  • 
We left our lovely Lakeside site and you know it's going to be steep when Google maps shows you a series of squiggles. And it was steep and rocky and dusty and washboard and I walked most... well... All of the 5km up hill and windy sections. We were heading to an ioverlander site called hidden road...

Villa St Lucia to in Campground

Un Campground on lake  • 
There were no services here. No water but there was an excellent glacial lake that we fillets water from. This had been a beautiful camp site with water tape and toilet facilities. Unfortunately, three were none when we were there.

Futaluefú to Villa Santa Lucia

Villa Santa Lucía  • 

Trevelin, Argentina to Futulaufú, Chile

Futaluefú  • 
Back into Chile! We did have to cycle on 35km of ripio. Thankfully it was mostly downhill! We reached the Argentinian customs. A small out post in the middle of no where wth a tin building housing customs and immigrations. Then into Chile! As soon as you pass the Argentinean customs the road is pave...

Parque Alerces to Trevelin

Camping Chatay, Trevelin  • 
We enjoyed the beautiful country side thru the park and were very happy to reach the asphalto. After camping in the park for a couple of nights we thought a hostel would be in order so we contacted a lovely woman at a hostel to arrange a night. All we had to do is come up with the cash. But there is...

Parque Alerces, Rio Arrayanes

Alerces Parque  • 
We moved along a short distance to the next campsite to see if we could find an Alerces tree. Apparently they were all cut down for lumber and construction. There are a few left in the park. One solo tree about 300 yrs. And one about 800 yrs. If you really want to see the oldest one, you have to pay...

Epuyén to Parque Nacional Alerces, Tres Bahais

Alerces Parque, Tres Bahai  • 
We left Epuyén at around 8, and started into a steady climb. This seems to be a thing. By steady climb I mean 4% for approximately 10km. We had to get up into the step. Buen Viaje -good travels Pronounced bvuuEn Veeahh(like a cat hissing)hay. Or kinda like you're clearing your throat. Morning Coffee...

Bikepacking El Bolsón to Epuyen

Epuyen  • 

El Bolsón

El Bolsón  • 

Bariloche to Rio Villegas

Río Villegas  • 
Bikepacking is one of those things that you have to get enjoyment from the little things. We are not the type of travelers who make a list of the touristy things and tick then off of our list. We get enjoyment and appreciate the things that happen. [youtube=5i-PjhMq6Mg] For example the Servicio de P...

Confluenca to San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche  • 
A hot but great day for a bike ride. We left our cozy site at the confluence of the 2 rivers and headed toward Bariloche. [youtube=MrAGSzf_61I] The Italia Inn or Adventures in Showering We stayed at the Italia Inn during our previous visit to Bariloche. I guess we liked it so much we decided on stay...

Lago Melequina to Confluenca

-40.724645, -71.091778  • 
[youtube=v9MjsOV8Fq4] W although it seemed like a short day, just 45km it was going to be a tough day because of the conditions. Lots of hills and tough road conditions would take its toll. It did take us approximately 10 hours of actual bike time. Thankfully there was light traffic because the dry...

San Martin de los Andes to Lago Melequina

Villa Lago Meliquina  • 
We left San Martin de los Andes and has a 18km constant up hill ride to get out of the lake Valley. Interesting to see this sign which says Take care loose livestock. Zone of Mapuche pasture. We did see the odd cow grazing and they looked unperturbed with us, or the cars, going past.

From Villa Pehuenia to San Martin de los Andes

San Martin de los Andes  • 
We decided to skip some dusty gravel roads and go on a bus. The bad news was the bus left at 5am and with 2 large parcels each and a 200 m hike to get to the bus stop we decided on a 3.30am alarm. I'm sure our bunk mate appreciated that! I think the neighborhood new exactly where we were by followin...

Day off

Subida al cráter del Volcán Batea Mahuida  • 
What do we do on an "off" day? Well, go for a bike ride of course. We took an approx 20km ride to see the local volcanic crater. Amazing. It was a steady up hill climb for around 2+hours. Then about a1 hour hike to the crater run of the volcano. The good news is that it was a 40 min ride back! Zoom!

Ilcalma, Chile to Pehuenia, Argentia

-38.890123, -71.135629  • 

Melipeuco to Icalma

Lonquimay  • 
So long Volcano Lliama. It was nice to be in your presence. But we must head out and get our tourist visa cards renewed. Not sure what happens if you over stay your 90 days and we really don't want to find out! We decided on an early start and we were on our bikes by 7.00 sharp. It was beautiful. Bu...

Cunco to Melipeuco

Melipeuco  • 
A great day and perfect conditions for a bike ride. Bonus that we had a 10km/he tail wind. In anticipation of a hard day tomorrow we decided on a short day today. The scenery was beautiful. Check out the photo section to see more pictures. We were a bit surprised to see this was the door knob to the...

Petrufquén to Cunco

Cunco  • 
Petufquén to Cunco A great ride to Cunco. The last 10km was very hot. We now know why there is siesta time in Chile from 1pm till 3pm. The Sun is very hot. So hot in fact that Bob had circular shaped Sun burn patches on his head from the sun beating down thru his bike helmet. So hot it looks as thou...

Leaving Pucón after 2wks of Spanish lessons

Arauco 565  • 
We decided that understanding people would be a great idea. So we enrolled ourselves in 2 weeks of Spanish lessons. Now with our new found knowledge we have to start taking with people. Our teacher Marvi was very patient and encouraging. She is from Columbia and offered some great advice. Open your...

Hiking in Huerquehue National Park

Villarrica  • 
Getting there is half the fun. It's true that a rental car can go anywhere! Once again you would think that the trailhead of a national park would be easily accessible by car and once again we were not expecting what we were expecting. Xander had the maps and provided turn by turn directions. Thank...

January 1st - Beach Day

Mehuín  • 
We found having a car liberating and what would be a full day ride can easily be done in about an hour or so. We packed up and headed to the beach in Mehuin, on the Pacific Coast. It was a beautiful sunny day but the red flag was up on the beach and the beach closed for swimming etc. What a treat ge...

Happy New Year!

Villarrica  • 

29th December - 5 waterfalls Villarrica National Park

Villarrica National Park  • 
There is so much to see here. I think Xander was so happy to be able to get up and put on a t-shirt, shorts and sandals rather than having to put on pants, boots, shirt, hoodie, winter coat, hat, gloves etc. You get the picture. What could be better than slipping on your running shoes and going for...

27 December - climbing Volcano Villarrica

Villarrica National Park  • 
It was an early start. Even though I made a decision not to make the climb to the top of Volcan Villarrica I still got up with the birds (and the neighbors rooster) to send them, Xander and Bob, on their way. Not for the faint of heart or the unfit they had to be at Summit Chile headquarters at 6:30...

Xander Arrives

Villarrica  • 
Xander Arrives There is nothing like having someone meet you at an airport or meeting someone at an airport. That's the way I felt when I saw Xander come thru this glass doors. So happy he made it thru safe and sound and on Terra firma. He had been traveling for 20 hours. Ottawa- Philadelphia Philly...

Getting to Villarrica

Villarrica  • 
It was a short ride. Just along the coast of Lago Villarrica. But man was it stressful. What started out with a pleasant bike lane turned into a no shoulder drop off next to a very busy highway. I swear (and by jumpin's I did) one bus was a hands breadth beside me going 80kph. At any rate it wasn't...

Carerrehue to Pucon

Pucón  • 
Whata treat after riding on ripio for the last week days. Easy riding on a paved shoulder. As we got closer to Pucon the traffic did get more intense and there was a totally different vibe in this town. I think we saw more people in this one day then we had seen in all of the rest of our trip (save...

Rio Blanco to Carerrehue

Curarrehue  • 
A tough day. We decided on a early start. We climbed out of the thermal baths and noticed some fellow travelers with pack packs waiting at the side of the (main) un-named road. You know you are traveling in rural areas when people say, Oh good you speak English And Is there about 1 car per hour out...

Cunco to Terms del Rio Blanco

Quililche  • 
Day 1 shredded tire All that lava rock and some did a number on my tire. We decided to head back into Cunco, get the tire fixed and spend another night at the "dome". Thank you Luis, for dusting out what we wanted and fixing is up with a new tire. Day 2 Thank goodness we decided on a "short day" day...

Conguillio to Cunco

Cunco  • 
16 December Conguillio to Cunco Lava Fields. That's what we rode our bikes through all morning. The Conguillio park is situated high in the mountains and it was cool, there was Frost, at night. We decided on an early morning and break for breakfast on the road. Thankfully the road was mostly down h...

Caracautin to park National Coguillio

Melipeuco  • 
15 December 2018 Caracautin to park Nacional Conguillio It may have been what we though was going to be a short ride (40km) but man was it tough. There was a slight up hill all day and the last 6km was a brutal up hill of pushing the bikes up a river stone Lane way. And then down hill on the same lo...

Nuevo Imperial to El Saucalito Camping

Calle Muco Chureo  • 
Nueva Imperial to camping Sausalito Tuesday Dec 11 2018 Left Nueva Imperial after a solid restful sleep in what we affectionately called "the bird house". This was because of the many Sparrows nesting in the eaves directly over over heads. The cabaña was fashioned after a Mapuche Ruka. Living and co...

Puerto DOMINGUEZ to Nuevo Imperial

Nueva Imperial  • 
Decided to stay on the main highway. But, we HAD to stop when I heard the sound of the auctioneer. It is an undeniable sound in any language. There were cattle, pigs, sheep and of course......... Horses! All shapes and sizes. Most with their manes roached (cut right off) and tails "banged" (cut off...

Nueva Tolten Puerto DOMINGUEZ

Puerto Domínguez  • 
Camping in Puerto DOMINGUEZ The first thing we had to do was find the place. It was up, up, up and then a step down. Which means a wickedly steep getting out in the morning! The camping consisted is an open field formerly known as a cow pasture, with a water spigot in the middle and run down toilet...

Mariquina to Nueva Tolten

Nueva Toltén  • 
The Day started out hot. And we were sweating early in the morning. I checked the temperature on my "on board computer" and it read 34C. No wonder we were hot. And this was at 10am! We kept on going and headed up and around a corner toward the Pacific coast, then Whamoo... Cold air. We could see fog...

Mancera to San Jose de la Mariquin

Mariquina  • 
A great day for a ride. We hopped on the ferry, which arrived at EXACTLY 8am and arrived at Neibla just before the bus arrived at the terminal. It was close and Bob got shouted at by the ferry captain, vamos, as he went up the ten metal stairs to the platform to grab one last bag. The biking was goo...

Valdivia to Isla Mancera

Corral  • 
More signage required 5 Dec 2018 Wednesday We decided to visit Isla Manceraa. A small island of the cost of Niebla. We wanted to see the forts, fuerte, in Niebla so we decided to do a visit to the fort, then go to the island to visit the "sister" fort across the bay. It was supposed to be a stress f...

La Union to Valdivia

Valdivia  • 
Closing the gate We packed up our kit and headed for the locked security gate. We said goodbye to our companion "Courage" (pronounced Coorahhee), a German wire hair pointer and his buddy, a doberman. Rodrigo, the owner of Cabaña Pescara y Caza gave us a "key" to open and close the gate to the Cabaña...

Orsorno to La Union

La Unión  • 
A lovely ride and mostly flat. We started out on Ruta 5. Bonus is that there is a 6foot shoulder. The bad news is that it is busy and there are many trucks. We exited the highway and headed to Trafun and Rio Bueno. The road was smooth and paved and getting off the highway was certainly less stressfu...


Osorno  • 
Orsorno is a happening spot. This is a main hub for the buses and there is a large bus station and loads of vendors outside the bus station going for some trade. People with barbeques, as Bob says oil drums with charcoal in them, fried dough, and one person selling Band-Aids by each. Not sure of the...

Puerto Octay to Orsorno

Osorno  • 
A great day for a bike ride After climbing out of Puerto Octay most of the day seemed to be quite flat and on good pavement. There was even a paved shoulder. It was slightly over cast and temperatures were reasonable. We were on schedule to get to our destination, Orsono, when the road was on a deto...

Ensanada to Puerto Octay

Puerto Octay  • 
Flat as a Pancake Or at least that's what Bob lead me to believe! Not! We biked around the beautiful lake Llanquehue. Up and down. Down into the river valleys that come of the neighboring mountains them back up again. The scenery was beautiful.

Cochamo to Ensanada

Ensenada  • 
A Beautiful Ride It started out on a gravel road and finished off with a beautiful pavement road. Along the way we met a couple of German cyclists who were making their way to Ushuaia. We stopped and swapped stories and shared our tips of abandoned hotels stops and other camping spots. They gave us...

Llaguepe to Cochamo

Cochamó  • 
We made it to Cochamó. A beautiful spot. Look on the map it is on a fjord with views of Vulcàn Culbuco. We walked down the street and the children playing in the school year are oblivious to the beautiful surroundings. I guess if you see it every day or just becomes, part of the scenery! We are taki...

Hornopiren to Llaguepe

Llaguepe  • 
We hopped on our bikes and though it would be an easy ride to Llaguepe. Well... it wasn't. The pavement ended and the main road Hwy 7, the Carretera Austral, went straight up and over a gigantic hill. AND it was under construction. No fancy guard rails here. Just work crews drilling hole for blastin...

Caleta Gonzalos to Hornopiren

Hornopirén  • 
We sailed at 3. The boat was smooth and we arrived at around 8pm looking for our contact Melanie. We had booked a Cabaña for 2 nights and we were looking forward to a couple of days rest. Our cabaña and on duty watch dog Royco. Make sure you roll those "r"s! We stayed in Hornopiren Friday night and...

Lago Blanco to Caleta Gonzalos

Caleta Gonzalo  • 
21 Nov Time to move At 5am we donned our head lamps, broke camp and packed up tent and panniers, including the things that fell off our make shift clothes line into the dirt and headed up to the safety of the baños. Bob sparked up the stove, made some tea/coffee and we had a nutritious breakfast of...

Chaiten to Lago Blanco

Lago Blanco  • 
20 Nov 2018 Left Chaiten We left Chaiten in a steady drizzle and decided because it was a short ride 50km that we would head out. Hwy 7 the famous Careaustral. The unfortunate part was that the rain and low clouds obstructed the scenery. We meet a young couple riding a tandem bike. They were from Fr...


Quellón  • 
It seems that so much of traveling is waiting. This morning or job number one was getting our tickets to the ferry for Chaiten. We tried on line to purchase tickets but that was a no-go. NavierAustral.cl So we decided to go in person to the NavierAustral. The office is located about 150m down the st...

Castro to Quellón

Quellón  • 
Early Up Getting an early start is important. We were up at 6am and on the road at 7am. The idea is that there is less traffic and fewer trucks on the road then. The Day started slightly overcast and then we hit some rain showers but finished in the sun. If the rain got to strong we would pull into...

Ancud to Castro

Dalcahue  • 
14 Nov Our first rain day This area of Chiloé is known for its rain and records shows it get 2.2 m of rain a year. We experienced some of that. It was rainy and windy but thankfully the wind was with us. You have to be vigilant when cycling on highways and Ruta 5, the Pan Am hwy, is no different. Ab...

Puerto Varas to Puerto Montt and Pargua and Chacao

Pargua - Punta Coronel  • 
Peurto Varas Day 2 Shopping Hardware store. This was an experience. Bob wanted to purchase a 4mm hex driver. How do you say 4mm hex screw driver in Spanish? Thank goodness for Google translate. And he brought in with him the size and example of what he wanted. When you live in North America you have...

Petrohue to Puerto Varas

Puerto Varas  • 
Leaving Peulla at 4pm left us in Petrohue at around 6.30 pm. And with few options in the area we opted to set up camp and make an early start of it the following morning. We wild camped in the CONAF site that has been marked closed for maintenance. We checked. Closed for maintenance for the last 2 y...

Peulla to Petrohue

Petrohué  • 
Bikes on the ferry Ferry terminal Peulla

Bariloche Argentina to Peulla, Chile

Puerto Varas  • 
Rather than ride our bikes along Ruta 40 which is a major trucking route we decided to take a road less traveled, by trucks for sure. This involved bike(25km), boat (1hour), bike (3km), boat (15 min), bike (30km) and finally boat (2 hours). [youtube=CPe7XlxYtqw] Peurto Pañuelo We left Bariloche leav...

Tres Lagos to San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche  • 
3 Nov 2018 Decided on the bus Packed up our bikes so they could be transported by bus. Then we took them to the bus stop/Lavanderia. The bus stop/Lavanderia/car wash We took out bikes over about 6pm Took our luggage over about 8 pm. By luggage we mean panniers wrapped up in tarps and tied with rope....


San Carlos de Bariloche  • 
Arriving in Bariloche was an adventure. We were supposed to arrive in Bariloche at about 8.30pm leaving us a little Twilight to find our way around town. What really happened was that the bus was approx. 2 hours late. See we arrived at 10.30! We were late and found out there is no WiFi at the bus st...

Decided on Taking the Bus

Tres Lagos  • 
We have bought our bus tickets to Bariloche, further north. Our Original Plan Our original plan was to bike the entirety of Chile, but have decided that busing it may make more sense. So... We will take our things on the bus to San Carlos De Bariloche and pick up our biking again from there. From ou...

Tres Lagos - tres Lagos

-49.403676, -71.519852  • 
Happy Halloween At least it started out that way. Leaving Tres Lagos at 8.00 was a good thing. After a light breakfast downed with hot tea we made our way to the beginning (end?) Of Ruta 40. That's when the fun began. Headwinds is what I'm talking about. It was trying at first and we made some progr...

Abandoned Restaurant to Tres Lagos

Tres Lagos  • 
Had our breakfast on the side of the road. Restaurant in Tres Lagos Bob on the street in Tres Lagos

El Calafate to Abandoned Restaurant

Abandoned Restaurant  • 
29 Oct 2018 El Calafate to Luz Divina It sounds like a lovely place and you can see the dot on the map. Luz Divina. The sad truth is that Luz Divina is a collection of derilect buildings being used by travelers. There are signatures on the walls find back to 2013... Make that 2012! It is always fun...

El Calafate

El Calafate  • 
Went to see Perito Merano glacier. [youtube=QrjHMKZtDx8]

Estancion to El Calafate

El Calafate  • 
Aftera warm night in Sebastian's well used mattresses we packed up and headed into El Calafate. [youtube=1CNSWCp-ovU]

Police Station to Estancion

Old Estancion  • 
As we were looking for a place to pitch our tent a man came over to us and invited us into his house and showed us a room. Simple. 2 mattresses on the floor With the likelihood of rain in the forecast over night we accepted his kind offer and he put the kettle on to make tea, coffee. He spoke NO ENG...

Abandoned Hotel to the Old police station

Old police station  • 
Ruta 40 was a difficult ride with many stones and hills. We decided to pitch the tent at the back of the Abandoned police station. Apparently it had been open but now it's locked. We pitched our tent in behind the building in a sheltered grassy area. It was cool in the morning and Frost on the tent...

Puerto Natales to the Abandoned Hotel

Abandoned Hotel  • 
We left Puerto Natales well rested and fully stocked. There are few grocery stores in the hinterland of South America and we bought plenty of dried soups and pasta to keep us fueled. Our big concern was water as the streams along the way seemed quite cloudy and we were unsure if they were safe. We d...

Peurto Natales excursion to the Glacier

Natales  • 
Excusion to the Glacier

Wild Camping For The Night to Puerto Natales

Natales  • 
We found our camping spot thanks to the iOverlander app and we set up our tent on a grassy knoll beside the road. You can see the road in the background. Ducks Birds And Traffic There is a tranquil Lake beside this camp. Also a herd of semi feral horses were on guard as we set up! During the evening...

Ville Tehuelches to Wild Camping spot

En route to Puerto Natales  • 
We had an Early start from the bus shelter. And we're unsure how far we could ride. We now know the wind and road conditions play a huge part in our daily kilometers. Not that it's a race but sometimes we have favorable conditions and can get good mileage in and sometimes the wind (there is a lot of...

Rio Verde to Villa Tehuelches Oct 17

Laguna Blanca  • 
An Early Start we got up early for an Early start a head of the wind. The first part of the day was excellent and we had good weather and wind. An interesting sculpture and some beautiful vistas. Also saw a flock of flamingos. The last part of the day the wind came up and we were fighting a head win...

Punta Arenas to El Refugio Oct 16

Río Verde  • 
We started out hopeful fresh of a couple of days rest we started out hopeful to get to a campsite near Rio Verde. The wind was against us and we clicked on around 40km and called it a night in a clean dry out of the wind Refugio. Beautiful view from the window and feeling thankful that there was a s...

Made it to the mainland

Punta Arenas  • 
After a lovely relaxing evening at El Refugio in Porviner we packed up our gear and headed to the ferry terminal. Just 5km outside of town it was a pleasant ride. Bob did have to shout at a couple of dogs that got too close nipping at his heels! We arrived at the terminal and met Micheal, Anna, and...

Traveled by Car to Porviner

Porvenir  • 
We decided to hitch a ride with the Restaurant owner and his family from San Sebastian to Porviner. Times like this I wish I knew or at least understood more Spanish. There were 6 of us in the cab of the camionette plus 3 Dachshunds. They seemed to laugh the whole way and we did discuss the weather...

Patagonia head wind

-53.319527, -68.672224  • 
We decided to stay put for a day and take shelter in a small cafe/cabaña. We had been walking and walking and walking against a relentless head wind and decided to back track to the cafe and see if they had a room. So here we are. [youtube=qRqGwYv4-rc] Sitting in a little chair beside a wood stove l...

Rio Grande to San Sebastian

-53.319527, -68.672224  • 
Oct 11 2018 Rio Grande to San Sebastian It started out as such a hopeful day. Breakfast of bread and croissants. So much For my laying off my wheat. And then heading out from the link hotel. Our bags packed and hopeful of getting into Chile. Patagonia Headwinds When people talk about Patagonia head...

Day 5 -Rest Day

Rio Grande  • 
We decided to take a day and have a test day in Rio Grande. Did some laundry and stretched our legs by waking around town. Rio Grande is a sprawling town with what appears to be little planning. You walk down a street with homes then in the middle of a block the is an automobile repair shop or maybe...

Bike day 4 - just about lost it.

Rio Grande  • 
Stats from Lago yahuin to Rio Grande Ave speed - 13.5 kph Max speed - 50.2 kph Distance - 93.2 km We started our day after a cool night in the tent at the abandoned shell of a hotel. The road to Rio Grande was lovely. A strong tail wind and lots of wild life Condor A fox feeding of some fresh carrio...

Tolhuin to Abandoned Derelict defunct Hotel

-54.358957, -67.775116  • 
Stats Ave Speed - 11.3 kph Max Speed - 41.8 kph Dist - 69.5 km We started our day after a warm night at a lovely BnB. We finished the day in a Derelict abandoned hotel grounds that, quite possible, was a beautiful spot at one time. The grounds were covered in horse manure but no sign of any horses a...

Abandoned Cabaña to Tohuin

Tolhuin  • 
Dist- 56km Max speed 53.4 kph Average speed 12.8kph We left the abandon cabin after a cool night (we wore our down coats for sleeping). We had put down the drop sheet then our sleeping pads, bags, blanket, and even wore our down filled jackets to sleep in! Hwy 3 was a little less congested and the w...

Good Morning Ushuaia!

Monseñor Fagnano 567  • 
Today we put our bikes together and did some running around. Got a phone card Breakfast out Bought groceries Sent some post cards from the end of the world! FYI I sent 5 postcards. We bought 5 cards for 70 pesos. It's around 30 peso per dollar so approx. 50 cents each. It costs 130 pesos per card to...

Made it to the Airport - part 5

Aeropuerto Internacional de Ushuaia Malvinas Argentinas  • 
We made it. Yippee! We landed in the dark but could see the promise of mountains and snow. We did notice the ground crew were wearing coats, hats, and gloves. See our bikes on the conveyor in Ushuaia. [youtube=PVdzlkO77JU] Not like on Buenos Aires where shirts and short sleeve shirts were worn. We w...

Made it to the Airport Part 4

Buenos Aires  • 
We had in un-eventful flight to Buenos Aires. And our bikes arrived safely. Then passed through security. Then Wham! CHAOS. Flights cancelled Line ups and Wall to Wall people greeted us. Security, the press and people with whistles Just what you wanted to have while pushing a bike on a cart. I think...

Made it to the Airport Part 3

Guarulhos, Sao Paulo  • 
Arrived in Sao Paulo. A great 9 hour flight. They served a breakfast, scrambled eggs, tea coffee, fruit, "muffin". We didn't know what was going to happen when we got off the plane in Sao Paulo. We had every intention to not leave the airport and sleep in the terminal next to our departure gate. B...

Made It to the airport part two

Dulles, Washington  • 
We got safely to Dulles and then the wheels came off the bus so to speak. Our connecting flight from Dulles to Sao Paolo was delayed 10 hours. This means instead of hustling our butts to our connection we spent hours (and by we, I mean Bob) getting new flights connections and information about how...

Made It To The Airport - Part 1

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport  • 
After two comfortable nights at a friend's house, thank you Dave and Kelly, we managed to get some rest and got our panniers packed. Checked luggage Our two large panniers and one small Pannier were conglomerated together to form one carry on luggage each. We decided to go six hours early to check o...

Leaving our Apartment

Today we packed up all our "stuff" and finalized our move out, leaving the place for the new tenants. We roamed the house checking in drawers and cupboards making sure that none of our belongs were being left behind. Our vehicles are piled high and out bikes safely packed and at the airport. Bob too...

One Week Before Departure

Ottawa  • 
I will be heading off to the dentist this morning for a final check up before we head out on our South American tour. Nothing like a good teeth cleaning to get you in the mood for a bike tour. We are in our final packing and list building stage. bikes are tuned our worldly possessions are stored - n...

Family Visit 2 Weeks and 2 Days Until Take Off

Not long now. We have traveled to Chester Nova Scotia to visit with family prior to our take off. A bonus is that my niece was being married and getting the family together on such a joyous occasion was awesome. Excellent celebrations, food and relaxation. Or, maybe it is the other way around. My ni...

4 Weeks till we Head Out on Our Adventure

70 Grammercy Park  • 
It is becoming real really fast. Our Excursion Today was spent packing up and donating clothes and household items. You see, four months ago we sold our farm of 30 years. What to Keep and What to Donate It is interesting how you feel when you have to strip down your life to be able to pack your belo...