Orsorno is a happening spot.

This is a main hub for the buses and there is a large bus station and loads of vendors outside the bus station going for some trade.

People with barbeques, as Bob says oil drums with charcoal in them, fried dough, and one person selling Band-Aids by each. Not sure of the price.

This is the view from the coffee shop where we stopped to have coffee.

We visited the Orsorno Municipal museum. I couldn't help but notice these sticks on the wall.

Used by the indigenous peoples.

Look familiar?

It was an enlightening visit to see how the natives to this area lived and how they coped in the jungle.

There are many stores and I think that store owners would get more custom is they didn't have their maniquins strung up by the neck!

It was kinda creepy.

Lovely Hostel

We stayed at the hostel Chaman. It was relatively new and had a new ish kitchen.

Clean and well managed.