Happy Halloween

At least it started out that way.

Leaving Tres Lagos at 8.00 was a good thing. After a light breakfast downed with hot tea we made our way to the beginning (end?) Of Ruta 40.

That's when the fun began. Headwinds is what I'm talking about. It was trying at first and we made some progress but after three hours and only 20km to show for it we decided that the fun to effort ratio was off and retreated back to Tres Lagos.


That's the way we describe it. Disheartening.

We could have done it, gone on into the wind but why?

It's no fun.

We'd be exhausted and we still be camping in behind a pile of sand at the side of the road after it all.

The other part of it would be an added day to our travel (or maybe more) and with no opportunity to restock on water or food there is a real danger of getting hurt.

So back we came.

Now what?

We are pouring over web sites and maps figuring were to go next.

Right now on the books is busing out of Patagonia all together going further north where the camping and provisions are a bit closer together.