Leaving Peulla at 4pm left us in Petrohue at around 6.30 pm. And with few options in the area we opted to set up camp and make an early start of it the following morning.

We wild camped in the CONAF site that has been marked closed for maintenance. We checked. Closed for maintenance for the last 2 years!

We found a flat area with a great view and put up our tent. We were so proud to have found the "perfect" spot.

 We set up camp and had our supper.

Enter locals

Little did we know that this site was about 50 feet from the local hangout and bon fire party palace.

At 11pm a group (maybe 10) of locals had a party. Complete with hooting, what I can only guess as Spanish rapping mixed in with a back ground of CCR (Bad Moon on the Rise).

They left us alone and thankfully, I think, they had no idea where we were.

They hooted, laughed and sang non stop until 2.30am. then they said the only word that we understood... Adios!

With a thank full sigh we had a much needed 3 hour sleep.

Up at Six am

The thing about polite wild camping is to be up and gone, leaving no trace, before the town gets up. 

So we dragged ourselves out of our beds and set fair the site and set on our way to Puerto Varas.

Signs we hope not to have to use!

Tea/coffee break at an Abandoned school.