A great day for a ride.

We hopped on the ferry, which arrived at EXACTLY 8am and arrived at Neibla just before the bus arrived at the terminal.

It was close and Bob got shouted at by the ferry captain, vamos, as he went up the ten metal stairs to the platform to grab one last bag.

The biking was good. An excellent shoulder for most of the way. There were a lot of trucks but with a great shoulder, it was about 10 foot wide, we didn't mind to much.

We stopped in a shaded side road for some lunch and got out of the blistering Sun. Wow! Hot! So funny to be hearing Christmas carols and, "the world is a snow ball see how it grows" over the pa system at the grocery stores!

Sorry Wrong Number

We had reservations at a CabaƱa for a night and arrived at the address on the booking.Com website.

There was no one around so we called the number on the booking email reservation. The person on the other end of the phone (no English) had no idea what we were talking about. And told Bob that he would be here in a few minutes.


We waited...


For30 minutes...

And Bob phoned again and after conversing in broken Spanish to something who didn't speak English Bob got off the phone to find out that he didn't own this property and that his hostel was 2 blocks further.

Booking.com had put an incorrect number in the advertisement!

So we called a second number in the email and got the correct manager/owner which arrived withing minutes.

We settled in and then I could smell paint fumes. The owner has started to stain the siding directly around the window of the bedroom apartment we were staying in. We just shut the door and contemplated rolling out our mats to sleep in the dining area.

We didn't, the smell had gone. But is wasn't pleasant.