A hot but great day for a bike ride.

We left our cozy site at the confluence of the 2 rivers and headed toward Bariloche.

The Italia Inn


Adventures in Showering

We stayed at the Italia Inn during our previous visit to Bariloche. I guess we liked it so much we decided on staying again. I think it is the best value in the city.

Comfortable and clean the Italia Inn is a great place to stay. I would recommend a room facing the garden. Our room was facing the road and it is very busy. Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles and dogs. Some of which may have mufflers.

The bathroom is small. So small that when you bend over to get off of the toilet, you bump your head on the shower faucet.

The shower "surround" has only 3 sides so the water from the shower escapes all over the floor of the bathroom! I asked at the reception about this. And told her that after a shower the water was all over the floor of the bathroom. She told me that was normal and all the bathrooms are made this way!

There is a squeegee to wrestle the water back to the drain. And a note that asks you to put the mop between the shower and the commode.

Also the shower head (in RM 105) is just balanced on the holder. Bob advised to leave it alone because, " If you touch it, it will fall off." And he added, "if you adjust the pressure of the shower too high, the shower just sprays over top of the shower curtain."

Not that it matters because there is 1cm of water over the whole floor to slosh around in.