3 Nov 2018

Decided on the bus

Packed up our bikes so they could be transported by bus.

Then we took them to the bus stop/Lavanderia.

The bus stop/Lavanderia/car wash

We took out bikes over about 6pm

Took our luggage over about 8 pm. By luggage we mean panniers wrapped up in tarps and tied with rope.

We arrived around 9.45 to wait for the bus.

It arrived with only a small surprise...

We had to pay 500 pesos per bike approx. $16 per bike. It doesn't sound like much but when there are no banks around and your counting your cash in the head light of a bus in a deserted street, it kinda put a damper on our planning.

So is 11.45pm on the street and the bus driver comes out speaking in Spanish. Bob says no habla espanol. The driver says, no English. 

So between hand signals and single words we managed to understand that the bikes would cost 500 each.

At one point the driver brought out his wallet and counted out 500 pesos and said biƧicleta. Bob said dos? He said una.

We're caught between the wind and a hard spot. What can you do at midnight in the street. We paid. And we happy to sit on the bus.

We've been on the bus for 12 hours and this is what we are seeing out the window.

15 hours

18 hours

Then finally a change of scenery

A tree! A Welcome sight!