Xander Arrives

There is nothing like having someone meet you at an airport or meeting someone at an airport.

That's the way I felt when I saw Xander come thru this glass doors. So happy he made it thru safe and sound and on Terra firma.

He had been traveling for 20 hours.

  • Ottawa- Philadelphia
  • Philly - Dallas
  • Dallas - Santiago
  • Santiago - Temuco

Ottawa to Philadelphia was un complicated. Even though they were 30 minutes late leaving the ground due to de icing they arrived 3 minutes early and plenty of time for Xander to switch terminals and get to his flight on time.

"Dallas is huge" was the next text I got. The sky train and transit system just to transport people between terminals. Xander got to the right terminal, arriving just as they announced they would be boarding the plane.

An 8 hour flight, upgraded seat with more leg room and wifi. Everything was going well.

Culture Shock

Arriving in Santiago was culture shock. No more English. And no signs telling you where to go.

Xander got in the immigration line and shuffled his way to the front. When he got to the immigration officer Xander handed him his passport and the officer took it and put it thru the reader. The commuter screen froze.

The officer re tried and no luck. Xander's passport had frozen the system. 

The officer left his cubicle with Xander's passport and scanned it thru at a neighboring cubicle. All was good.

You can't get there from here

All he had to do now was get to his domesticate "local" flight. 

There were 2 arrows international flights and exit.

He found the corridor to the domestic flights. The only thing was there was yellow caution tape cordoning of the entrance.

Now what?

The domestic flights left from the 3rd floor and he had to circle back go to the 1st floor and then take an elevator up to the third floor. How'd he know this. He watched to see what other people were doing. The were no signs and no one direction people giving the any inkling of what to do.

He arrived at the 3rd floor thinking he was home free and was directed to go straight thru security because he had no luggage to check.

He started thru the ribonned security maze and saw a scrum of paramedics huddled over a body. The airport quickly set up a new security line and Xander made his way thru and into his final leg of his journey.

Welcome to Chile

Where you never really know what's going to happen next!