We got safely to Dulles and then the wheels came off the bus so to speak. Our connecting flight from Dulles to Sao Paolo was delayed 10 hours. 

This means instead of hustling our butts to our connection we spent hours (and by we, I mean Bob) getting new flights connections and information about how to get us and our bikes to the ultimate destination, Ushuaia, Argentina.

The up side? We had a voucher for Hotel room and meal tickets. Thank you United Airlines. So rather than slogging thru a ten hour red eye we got a comfy bed at the Hilton.

The Next Morning October 3rd

We got on the first available shuttle from our hotel to the airport. It was an efficient 10 minute trip which dumped us at the main terminal.

We maneuvered thru security and made our way to the gate where a lazy line of travelers stood expectantly at the gate wondering what was happening United Airlines Representative, Keri Toocheck, helped us immensely. She checked with us, got our flights and connections organized and talked with the ground crew who had "just put the bikes on"the plane. It is refreshing to have a competent agent taking the reins and making sure that all the "I"s are dotted and "t"s are crossed. I felt calm and reassured that Keri had everything under control and was doing everything she could to make sure we reached out destination.

 Coffee and Breakfast here we come. We had meal voucher to use up.

Brazilian Visa

Just as we were getting on our flight to Sao Paulo the gate agent asked us for our Brazilian Visa.

No Brazilian Visa, no entry into Brazil. An important fact we didn't consider. Or even knew about!

"Keri", she shouted over the head of the waiting travelers, "two Canadians with no Visa". 

We stepped aside and explained. "We're not leaving the airport".

"Don't go thru immigration because they will send you back to Canada".

The weary traveler behind Bob was shaking his head and mumbled in a kind of Spanish accent, "don't go thru immigration, they'll have you back in Canada within a day".

Moral of the story...

1. Have a Visa if you want to enter Brazil.

2. Don't go thru immigration without a Visa.

Stay tuned!