We have bought our bus tickets to Bariloche, further north.

Our Original Plan

Our original plan was to bike the entirety of Chile, but have decided that busing it may make more sense.


We will take our things on the bus to San Carlos De Bariloche and pick up our biking again from there.

From our investigations it looks as though the towns are a bit closer and there are more provisions available.

Getting Our Bus Tickets

We went on line (plataforma10.com) and purchased the tickets. A very simple process made even more simple by the wonderful and attentive help desk who guided us through the process via emails.


  1. You must have an account before purchasing tickets.
  2. Have your passport handy.
  3. You must have a paper ticket... So you will have to find somewhere to print your ticket. We availed ourselves at the "Fomento" local municipal marketing office who graciously offered up her computer and asked me to sign into my Gmail and print off the tickets. Thank you!

Now we pack up our bikes and get the bus at 11.30pm!

A 20 hour bus trip. Not really how we had planned to see South America, from the window seat on a bus... But we will pick things up again a little further north.

Right now it makes sense to us.