Arriving in Bariloche was an adventure.

We were supposed to arrive in Bariloche at about 8.30pm leaving us a little Twilight to find our way around town. What really happened was that the bus was approx. 2 hours late.

See we arrived at 10.30!

We were late and found out there is no WiFi at the bus station. And we needed to get directions.

Bob started un packing and putting our bikes together at the bus station... Like you want to be in a bus station on Saturday night.

Then I went to ask someone about directions. Which was met with blank stare.

Finally I found someone who could, or would help us. He recognized the hostel name and have us directions... in Spanish. Between a lot of hand gestures and the occasional word I think we got the jist of it.

We were the last people out of the station and the security gaurd was jangling his keys in his pocket.

We roll our bikes out side, it's midnight by now and There is a heavy wind and it's raining.

We got lost... And one Gaurdian Angel came to our rescue.

He Called the hostel

And gave us a car escort to our hostel.

South American people are the best!

The car had no head lights or grille and had one blinking light on the back. Then on the way the streets lights went out! And we couldn't see anything... Except the blinking tail light of our escort.

We arrived safely.