We left our lovely Lakeside site and you know it's going to be steep when Google maps shows you a series of squiggles.

And it was steep and rocky and dusty and washboard and I walked most... well... All of the 5km up hill and windy sections.

We were heading to an ioverlander site called hidden road in the forest.

It was very rocky and putting our tent pegs in was a challenge but we manage to get them in.

So surprised at when we were just about to climb into our sleeping bags when 4 other cyclists showed up. Just before dusk.

And just starting to drizzle! They told us they wanted to get through the climb before the 3 days of rain hit!

There were 2 young men from Germany who we had been "leap frogging" the past couple of days, Rüdger and Ettienne and a couple from Belgium, Tom and Gail.

So nice to have a bit a company.