Stats from Lago yahuin to Rio Grande

Ave speed - 13.5 kph

Max speed - 50.2 kph

Distance - 93.2 km

We started our day after a cool night in the tent at the abandoned shell of a hotel.

The road to Rio Grande was lovely.

A strong tail wind and lots of wild life

  • Condor
  • A fox feeding of some fresh carrion
  • Rudy headed Goose
  • Guanaco lots of them.
  • Kestral
  • Southern crested caracara
  • Sparrow type of birds Buffy yellow
  • Austral thrush looks like a Robin
  • Patagonian finch
  • A HERD of Hereford BULLS. They didn't move. We mosied around them. One was absolutely huge and watched us as we made our way.

We traveled along Route 9. A wide gravel track with estancions located along the roadside.

We stopped along the road and made tea/coffee for a late breakfast and zoomed along our way.

Rio Grande

The road into Rio Grande is a circuitous root and to have to go way around and circle back into town. The is a long commercial and industrial strip before getting into a downtown core.

Getting Money

Our first order of business was to get money and find a place to stay. After riding 90km and no money in our pocket we were, at least I was, at the end of my rope.

Bank number 1 -no money

Bank number 2 - no money

I have to admit I did have a little pity party and cried. To which Bob so delicately said, buck up!

Bank number 3 -no money

Bank number 4 .... Yay money

Link Apart Hotel

we are staying in this lovely hotel and having a day off tomorrow.