Day 1 shredded tire

All that lava rock and some did a number on my tire.

We decided to head back into Cunco, get the tire fixed and spend another night at the "dome".

Thank you Luis, for dusting out what we wanted and fixing is up with a new tire.

Day 2

Thank goodness we decided on a "short day" day because the road was rough and we ended up climbing 1740 m!

The road leaving Cunco was excellent but then at the municipal camp ground in Puerto Puma, the pavement stops.

It's the oddest thing. The pavement just ends. There is a spot in the middle where there is good pavement with a dedicated double lane bike path, that has been overgrown with grass and rose bushes, and protection reflectors every 3 feet.

Then BOOM... Gravel Riverstone for the next 40km.