Nueva Imperial to camping Sausalito

Tuesday Dec 11 2018

Left Nueva Imperial after a solid restful sleep in what we affectionately called "the bird house". This was because of the many

Sparrows nesting in the eaves directly over over heads.

The cabaƱa was fashioned after a Mapuche Ruka. Living and cooking area in the middle and sleeping area on raised areas on each side.

The owner was very helpful and explained a lot of things (in Spanish!). Unfortunately we didn't understand much.

Bob was very proud of his ability to speak Spanish and asked the woman in Spanish,

Do you have a hostel here? (Or what he thought was, is there also a hostel here)

She rushed over all apologetic and said, yes, I did forget to plug in the refrigerator.

She does, by the way, have a lovely hostel, and has rooms in her home!

We decided on Taking a back road thru S-16 to S-260 thru to Temuco then on S229 and follow the back road to the camping spot.

From quiet country roads to heavy city traffic. At points we were in very rural areas. In Temuco we were in dense city traffic. 

The camping area was deserted and we had the place to ourselves. 

Drying our tent.