We had an Early start from the bus shelter.

And we're unsure how far we could ride. We now know the wind and road conditions play a huge part in our daily kilometers. Not that it's a race but sometimes we have favorable conditions and can get good mileage in and sometimes the wind (there is a lot of wind here) plays a huge factor!

Leaving Tehuelches

Villa Tehuelches is tucked into a Valley and we had a steady climb out and there was a thin layer of ice in the water along the road. It was cool and decided to warm up before stopping for some breakfast.

We stopped in Morro Chico and topped up our water from the river there. Bob put it thru our filter and we continued on our way.

We use an app called iOverlander that outlines local wild camping places and we saw a couple located further on, about 40km, so we had our sites on a spot situated just beside the road and an (easy) ride from Puerto Natales.