Bikepacking is one of those things that you have to get enjoyment from the little things. We are not the type of travelers who make a list of the touristy things and tick then off of our list. We get enjoyment and appreciate the things that happen.

For example the Servicio de Prevención y Lucha contra Incendios Forestales (fire prevention services) or SPLIF.

WHEN other tourists are going Ga Ga over their mountain Vista photos, we are taking pictures of SPLIF!

But then again we just happened to stop at a road side cafeteria that was declared a national, municipal and local heritage site.

WE got an education about the indeginous people and how they were run out of "town" by the Spaniards.

"declared of interest the space of the cultural identity El Viejo Almacen del Foyel by The Senate of the Nation.

"declared of interest for provincial, social and cultural, El Viejo Almacen del Foyel by The Province of Rio Negro.

"declared of interest by the municipal, social and cultural El Viejo Almacen del Foyel by El deliberative council of El Bolson.

On the flip side we may by pass some of the touristy things.