It was a short ride. Just along the coast of Lago Villarrica. But man was it stressful.

What started out with a pleasant bike lane turned into a no shoulder drop off next to a very busy highway.

I swear (and by jumpin's I did) one bus was a hands breadth beside me going 80kph. At any rate it wasn't the requested 1.5metre distance. I had to pull off and collect myself after that one.

The danger is that there is no shoulder or/and the edge of the pavement drops about 15cm to the gravel shoulder. It's dangerous!

We took our time. Most of the drivers are courteous, but it takes that 1 a-hole in a little red sports car passing a line of cars at Mach 1 to cause an accident.

Everywhere you look in Villarrica has a picture postcard view.

The vice is relaxed and people just go about the business.

Not as frantic as Pucon.