We enjoyed the beautiful country side thru the park and were very happy to reach the asphalto.

After camping in the park for a couple of nights we thought a hostel would be in order so we contacted a lovely woman at a hostel to arrange a night.

All we had to do is come up with the cash.

But there is this weird thing with the banks. Only some of the banks will honor the visa card. Well... thee bank in Trevelin did not honor the card.


No money. Well by no money I think Bob said we had 700Ar pesos around $20 CND!

I contacted the lovely woman to tell her that we couldn't get money out and we were camping. Thank you google translate.

Thank goodness the grocery store took visa.

We found a great camp site using the ioverlander app . If you're traveling I highly recommend it. We've used it consistently and have found several great accommodations with it.

This campsite on the outskirts of town was in a plum orchard and fresh plums were everywhere.

And a sign on the house that said to just go ahead and find your own spot. 200 Ar per person (around 5$ /person).

Warm showers and a great night's sleep after a hearty meal of spaghetti with meat sauce.