Peurto Varas Day 2


Hardware store.

This was an experience. Bob wanted to purchase a 4mm hex driver. How do you say 4mm hex screw driver in Spanish? Thank goodness for Google translate. And he brought in with him the size and example of what he wanted.

When you live in North America you have Lowe's and of course Canadian Tire. In Chile you have Ferreteria. At first I thought it was a ferret farm but it is a hard ware store.

Unlike north american stores where you can browse through the aisles to find what you want in Chile, at least in the last 2 hard ware store we were in, everything is behind a counter and you ask a sales person to retrieve what you want. 

 There is a system

  1.  Take a number
  2.  Wait for your number to be called
  3. Tell the attendant what you want/need
  4. Wait while the attendant find said item
  5.  Take item
  6.  Go to the place to pay for the item and
  7. Stand in line at the cashier to wait your turn to pay for the item.


Wool shop


Puerto Varas Day 3


China store

Fix bike rack

Puerto Varas to Pargua ferry to Chiloé

Leaving Puerto Varas sunny and warm.

Stopped at road side for lunch

Made it to Pargua and right onto the boat.

2000 CHP (approx $4CND) per bike.

Arrived in Chacau

Thunder storm. We took shelter in a half completed barn/shelter over the water. The tide was in and we watched the storm from the safety of the shelter. We were going to stay the but then decided on renting a cabaña for the night.

The thunder storm was magnificent. Bolts of lightening and thunder rumbling. 

Wood stove, hot shower (but don't touch the shower curtain) and warm bed. 

A nice touch after cycling 83.4km!