We found our camping spot thanks to the iOverlander app and we set up our tent on a grassy knoll beside the road. You can see the road in the background.

Ducks Birds And Traffic

There is a tranquil Lake beside this camp. Also a herd of semi feral horses were on guard as we set up!

During the evening the ducks and waterfowl were quite active along with the studded tires on the concrete road and the occasional snort and galloping of hooves.

Things seemed to settle down and had a good sleep. Our first "real" wild camping.

You see so far we have slept:

  • In an abandoned cabin
  • Abandoned hotel -camping
  • Floor of the customs/immigration
  • El Refugio
  • Bus shelter
  • Of course hostels and rooms

But this was our first real wild camping.

Frost On The Tent

It had been a cold night because there was frost on the tent in the morning.

And our water bottles were frozen!

Once again we packed our gear folded up the frosty tent and headed toward Puerto Natales.