A great day for a bike ride

After climbing out of Puerto Octay most of the day seemed to be quite flat and on good pavement. There was even a paved shoulder. It was slightly over cast and temperatures were reasonable.

We were on schedule to get to our destination, Orsono, when the road was on a detour and put a wrench into the works.

The bridge had failed, in June, and a new bridge was being built. Read about the tragedy here

We had turned into the steep, I walked my bike up, loose gravel, dusty detour. The worker was holding traffic as the was only one lane but he told us we could go (at least that was what we thought he said because he was speaking quickly and in Spanish) we heard a couple of words, dos biƧicletas and dereche, which we we took to mean stay to the right.

I started walking up the incline and Bob dropped down his gears and waited for me at the top.

Concrete trucks, gravel trucks, a truck with 2 culverts passed us as well as cars and 1/2 tons. We got to the top and an on coming construction gravel truck driver lowered his window and told us not to come this way because it was rough and dusty but we should go by the bridge way.

Or, at least that is what we sermised what he was saying with hand gestures and pantomimes.

We turned around and glided down the hill and found our way over a suspension pedestrian bridge in the little town of Canura.

We saw the bridge failure and the work on the new bridge.

Agriculture Area

This area is quite agricultural and the cattle crossing signs took on new meaning for me.

Some Are Steeper

Loved this steep hill sign.