A Beautiful Ride

It started out on a gravel road and finished off with a beautiful pavement road.

Along the way we met a couple of German cyclists who were making their way to Ushuaia. We stopped and swapped stories and shared our tips of abandoned hotels stops and other camping spots.

They gave us hints as well about traveling North and places to avoid or maybe beef up our bike tires when and if heading into Bolivia.

As you can see by the map we have made a complete loop and it was interesting to return to a spot that we had been before.

We cycled in, register and set up our camp. The view was magnificent and volcano Orsono was in full view.

Barking Dog

There are a lot of dogs in Chile and this camp site was no different. The only thing was that this dog, trotted around the camp site barking at 3am. We could hear his paws in the gravel pathway. Or maybe s/he was barking at the waves of Lake Llanquehue (pronouced yankeeway) but, with nothing else to do I counted the barks. Not 1,2 or 3 but 525 barks then I stopped counting but the dog continued to bark.