It is becoming real really fast.

Our Excursion

Today was spent packing up and donating clothes and household items.

You see, four months ago we sold our farm of 30 years.

What to Keep and What to Donate

It is interesting how you feel when you have to strip down your life to be able to pack your belongings into 4 panniers.

That crystal bowl, my much loved waxed canvas coat, and shoes that I haven't worn in a year. All things I've loved, enjoyed, and used. But now, they seem, un attractive for our current situation.

The shoes were sensible shoes that I probably could have worn with a pair of black pants or even my jeans. They weren't even broken in. Not a scuff on the leather. It was difficult to let them go. But I hadn't even remembered I had them for the past year. And now, for the next 5 months or so I've opted for a single pair of boots, flip- flops, and biking shoes. My husband assures me we can replace all those things if necessary.

Step 1 Moving Into a Townhome

After our house/farm was sold we packed most things up and decided to put them into storage...

that means our dining table, chairs, buffet, Spode and other collectables. Now we live in a small townhome with no grass to mow or gardens to tend.

On one hand it is freeing...

On the other hand it is constraining.