Ave Speed - 11.3 kph

Max Speed - 41.8 kph

Dist - 69.5 km

We started our day after a warm night at a lovely BnB.

We finished the day in a Derelict abandoned hotel grounds that, quite possible, was a beautiful spot at one time.

The grounds were covered in horse manure but no sign of any horses anywhere.

We rolled out tent, bags, and sparked up the stove to heat up some soup.

It's amazing how a warm bowl of soup can make everything feel better.

Finding the Right Spot

Aftera long day we, and it was getting late-ish and we were anxious to get to some where do we made a turn to early and traveled 3km uphill only to find a locked gate.

We turned around and found the right spot and made our camp beside the lake and out of the wind.