After a lovely relaxing evening at El Refugio in Porviner we packed up our gear and headed to the ferry terminal. Just 5km outside of town it was a pleasant ride.

Bob did have to shout at a couple of dogs that got too close nipping at his heels!

We arrived at the terminal and met Micheal, Anna, and Meguel who were congregated outside the terminal.

Last look at Porviner. The final town on Tierra del Fuego.

Micheal (Instagram - @tontonmimiaroundtheworld) has been riding his bike around the world and shared many stories of his travels.

Anna and Meguel ( Instagram - @go_panam ) are riding their motorcycles from Ushuaia to Alaska! F U N!

We had a great Crossing with good company and had some excellent discussions.

We hope to see them along the line again.

Aventura Austrel

We booked in at the Aventura Austrel. A lovely hostel with friendly host, Christian, who is interested in restoring his VW Split.

Bonus is that he speaks great English and is in good humor.