We decided to hitch a ride with the Restaurant owner and his family from San Sebastian to Porviner.

Times like this I wish I knew or at least understood more Spanish. There were 6 of us in the cab of the camionette plus 3 Dachshunds. They seemed to laugh the whole way and we did discuss the weather a little but they seemed so happy.

The road was partly paved but mostly a gravel track winding it's way through the middle of no where! 1tree here, 1 windswept tree there and a whole lot of tundra! And gaunacos everywhere!

As we traveled we looked for the "pull outs" and "bus shelters" that we had planned to wild camp at along the way.

While in Porviner

14 Oct 2018

We will get our ferry tickets today and head to "the continent"! Teira del Fuego is an island or next stop will be on the ferry to South America proper.