Today we put our bikes together and did some running around.

  • Got a phone card
  • Breakfast out
  • Bought groceries
  • Sent some post cards from the end of the world!

FYI I sent 5 postcards. We bought 5 cards for 70 pesos. It's around 30 peso per dollar so approx. 50 cents each. It costs 130 pesos per card to send. Around 5$ each. That was something I really wanted to do. Not very often you get a stamp from Fin del Mundo!



On our grocery trip we cycled about 2 km from town to a very large shop with a bunch of fresh produce and good selection of food. Cookies, apples, granola, Nutella... All the necessities!

Bob even tested out the stove.

We are looking forward to heading out tomorrow.