We decided that understanding people would be a great idea. So we enrolled ourselves in 2 weeks of Spanish lessons.

Now with our new found knowledge we have to start taking with people.

Our teacher Marvi was very patient and encouraging. She is from Columbia and offered some great advice.

  • Open your mouth when you speak. She explained that Spanish speakers open their mouth and are very expressive when they speak.
  • The vowels are the most important. And she pronounced "v"s like "b"s so she was constantly telling us to pay attention to our "bowels".
  • Know your berves (verbs) ...
  • Get the accent right. That is to say... Put the accent on the right syllable. berry (Very) importante

I was so excited and decided to read a line to the hostel manager Ema.

I read,

"Bebí un poco de vino"

She looked at me kinda weird and said como? The spanish equivalent to uh?

I repeated, "Bebí un poco de vino"

Then she looked at the page and read the notes...

"Oh, Bebí un poco de vino."

But she said... VeVEE un poco DE Beeno

Right... V-b and b-v

No wonder she couldn't understand me!

Bob and me with our teacher Marvi and our diplomas!

So now we bid adieu or should I say adios to Volcán Villarrica and head to points north.