Laura Kelland-May

CA  63 years old

Robert May

CA  63 years old
Read about the personal journeys, encounters, and transformations of two average people who became cycle tourists and have ventured across the globe. Learn how cycle touring can be a vehicle for self-discovery and cultural enrichment. Why Cycle Touring? Cycle touring offers a unique perspective on travel. It allows you to slow down, immerse yourself in local cultures, and savor the beauty of the journey. We initially thought of travelling by campervan. Then thought there had to be a sustainable and eco-friendlier way to explore. So we opted for bicycles.

South America Tour 2018

October 2018 - March 2019  •  155 days  •  5 276 km (see details)

We recently sold our farm, put our belongings in storage and heading out on tour via bike! Some people think we're crazy, some think it's wonderful! What do you think.